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New Website Teaches Importance of Soil

A brand new website teaches middle school students about the importance of soil science in agriculture, food production, and nutrition. The site, called “From the Ground Up: The Science of Soil”, is “designed as a multi-year engagement program for middle school students,” says

The project uses “a wide-range of innovative strategies to highlight the importance of soil, fertilizer, and agriculture to our growing world.” (source). Those strategies are geared towards families as well as teachers.

Teachers can use the site as a source for interactive lesson plans, teacher toolkits and free printed resources (through one of the site’s sponsors, the Nutrients for Life Foundation).

Family resources include downloadable activities in Spanish and in English, information on how technology is used in modern farming, and video content.

A unique aspect of The Science of Soil is its “Career Connections” section, which highlights real people working in specific agricultural careers. Each story explains what the person’s agricultural specialty is, what technology they use in their job, and how they use science as a way to “feed the world and protect our green spaces”.

From the Ground Up: The Science of Soil is an online destination launched by the Nutrients for Life Foundation and Discovery Education as a kickoff to the Nutrients for Life Foundation’s 10th anniversary. (source

To learn more or to access the site’s lesson plans, videos, and other tools, visit

3550 Amazonas Drive, Jefferson City, MO 65109. 573-638-4825