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  • What Does it Mean When Your School Fails?

    What does it mean when you hear in the news that one of Missouri’s public schools is failing? And how is that term, “failing,” different from a school being unaccredited? Today on the Missouri Parent Blog, we’ll answer both of those questions.

  • #MissouriMath: The School Transfer Law

    Missouri’s School Transfer Law allows students who live in an unaccredited school district to attend school in an accredited district. When students transfer, their home district (the failing district) is required to pay for their transportation to and tuition for the accredited school they’ll attend. Learn More: Understanding Missouri’s School Transfer Law School transfers are expensive for the unaccredited district.

  • Missouri Education Advocates: Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA)

        Name: Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA) About: MSTA is a grassroots organization made up of local Community Teachers Associations (CTA) in each local school district, reflecting MSTA’s strong commitment to local control. Members set the policy of and priorities of MSTA to meet the needs of Missouri educators. The organization was founded in 1856, and provides services and benefits to its more than 45,000 members.

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