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  • Creating Classroom Magic

    In a speaking style that borders on spoken word, Christopher Emdin talks to the TED@NYC audience about effective teaching. Emdin’s inspirations? Rappers, the black church, and great conversations in local barber shops.

  • Girl Scouts Embrace STEM

    The Girl Scouts of the USA are taking a proactive role in teaching girls STEM studies and encouraging them to pursue STEM careers. Studies conducted by the Girl Scout Research Institute have shown that girls have a high interest in STEM careers, but that they need more exposure to those fields. The Girl Scouts are addressing that need through Leadership Journeys, Proficiency Badges, and strategic partnerships.

  • New Website Teaches Importance of Soil

    A brand new website teaches middle school students about the importance of soil science in agriculture, food production, and nutrition. The site, called “From the Ground Up: The Science of Soil”, is “designed as a multi-year engagement program for middle school students,” says The project uses “a wide-range of innovative strategies to highlight the importance of soil, fertilizer, and agriculture to our growing world.” (source).

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