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  • Charter Schools: Taxpayers Lose $620 Million on Failure

    Too often in the minds of many policymakers, "charter" equals "better". After digging into the data, we aren't quite sure that's the case... 

  • Charter Schools: Taxation Without Representation?

    Did you know that if HB 634 passes, your local school board will have no say whether a charter school can open within your community? Charter schools are governed by a private entity and district tax dollars...

  • Frequently Asked Questions: Charter School Expansion (HB 634)

    The Missouri House of Representative is currently considering a HB 634 which would expand unaccountable, privately run charter schools to open in any school district in the state, regardless of whether or not another school is needed in your local community. Below we have provided a number of answers to questions that are being asked about charter schools. Those interested in stopping HB 634 should their local state representative and urge him/her to oppose the bill. You can look up your lo...

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