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Missouri Public Schools: What to Expect During the Enrollment Process

Today we’re wrapping up our five-part public school enrollment series by giving you a practical idea what to expect during the enrollment process.

As always, please communicate directly with your child’s school when you have specific enrollment questions.

5 Common School Enrollment Steps

1) Contact Your Child’s School – Verify exactly what documentation you’ll need for enrollment and ask when the best time is to come to the school to begin enrollment. It’s never too early to begin learning more about your district’s specific policies and deadlines.

If your enrollment will be in-person, be sure you know where to go! Some districts will ask you to enroll at your child’s school, while others may only provide enrollment services through an administrative office elsewhere in the district.

2) Gather/Prepare Documentation & Paperwork – Gather and organize your child’s documents before enrolling. Arriving at the school organized and ready-to-go will make the process smoother for you, and it’ll also make a good impression on your child’s school.

3) Enrollment –New student enrollment is still done largely in-person, while many Missouri students can re-enroll for subsequent school years online in many Missouri districts. Arrive on time and prepared with the right paperwork, and enrollment should go smoothly.

4) Meetings with Teachers & Administrators – You may have the opportunity to meet your child’s teacher or principal. If you’re new to a school or district, this is a great way to begin building relationships with your child’s educators. And if your son or daughter has met his or her teacher in advance, his or her first day of school will be a little easier.

5) Open Houses – Most schools offer an open house at the beginning of each school year. You should attend open house with younger children, while older kids may prefer to attend their open house independently or with friends. Open houses help you child get comfortable with his or her new school, teacher(s), and classroom(s).

Enrollment in a new school should not be a scary experience for you and for your kids. We hope that this five-part feature has helped you know what to expect, and that you’ll continue to use the MOParent Blog as a resource about your child’s public school education.

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