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Enrollment in Missouri Public Schools: Academic & Behavioral Records

Over the last two days, we’ve begun to explore the Missouri public schools enrollment process. Two days ago, we discussed finding your child’s public school, and yesterday we talked about identity verification and medical records.

Today we’ll outline the role of academic and behavioral records in school enrollment.

Academic Records
If your child has past academic records, his or her new school will ask you to sign a release form that allows them to request those records from your child’s previous school.

If your child is entering kindergarten for the first time, this won’t apply. If your child is enrolling in public school after homeschooling, contact your local school district to find out what information they’ll need about your homeschooling curriculum as part of your child’s enrollment.

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Behavioral Records
Missouri’s public schools will also request information about your child’s behavior history.

If your child is transferring from another school, it’s important to realize that your child’s behavior records will travel with him or her to the new school. There’s no “out-running” disciplinary records, so if your child has any documented behavioral issues, you should be prepared to talk through those with administrators at your new school.

If your child is entering school for the first time, this is also when your child’s school will work with you to ensure that any known special needs are being addressed.

If your child has any special behavioral needs, the school will likely develop an individualized educational plan (IEP) for your son or daughter. Don’t be intimidated — this is just one more way Missouri public schools work to ensure that your child receives a quality education.

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