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Your Opinion: What Should the Goal Be of Missouri’s Public Education System?

Recently, we happened onto a blog post at Education Week that caught our attention. In the post, Tom Segel, an analyst for Rethink Education, asks teachers, professors, authors, and other educational advocates two seemingly simple questions:

“In your opinion, what is the current goal of the American Public Education System? What should be the goal of the American Public Education System?”

Today, we want to hear from you — the parents of Missouri’s public education students — about what you think public education’s goals should be. Leave a comment below this post or on the MOParent Facebook Page to Segel’s questions, above. Or use some to our own questions, below, as prompts for discussion:

· When a child graduates high school, what would you hope they would have learned, achieved, or accomplished in Missouri public schools?
· When your child graduates, what do you hope he or she is prepared to accomplish in the future?
· How important is it for schools across the United States to share common standards for learning?
· How much flexibility do you think schools should allow for student to focus on areas of strength or areas that need attention?
· Is one of the goals of public education to be competitive with other countries’ public education achievements?
· How important is “college readiness” in public education?
· How important is “workforce readiness” in public education?
· Do you think that understanding diversity (and learning to work with diverse groups of peers) should be a goal of public education?
· What should public schools teach?
o Should arts be taught in schools?
o Should physical education be taught in schools?
o Is it a teacher’s job to teach manners and study skills?

We want to hear from you! Leave a comment today below or on our Facebook Page, and be sure to share this conversation with your friends and fellow Missouri parents!

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