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Wraparound Services for Missouri’s K-12 Public School Students

In October, the Missouri House Interim Committee on Education identified 12 educational issues that were of interest to stakeholders around the state. One of those issues was called wraparound services.

As the legislature reconvenes for the 97th General Assembly, wraparound services may be a subject that you begin hearing more about. This post is designed to help you better-understand what wraparound is and what it means in context of Missouri’s public schools.

What the Committee Says About Wraparound Services:

· Wraparound services can “make an enormous difference in a student’s life”.
· Wraparound services “are not a panacea; to be most effective, they must be fine-tuned to each district's circumstances”.
· The wraparound services in many districts are the result of individuals (a principal, a staff member, or a district patron) connecting resources in the community to student needs.

What, Exactly, are Wraparound Services?

According to the National Wraparound Initiative:

“Since the term was first coined in the 1980s, “wraparound” has been defined in different ways. It has been described as a philosophy, an approach, and a service. In recent years, wraparound has been most commonly conceived of as anintensive, individualized care planning and management process.” (source)

What Does Wraparound Mean for Missouri Schools?

Wraparound services are collaborative programs between community organizations and schools. In most cases, those collaborations result in the creation of Individualized Treatment Plans (ITPs) for students who need them. The school, the student, the student’s family and the community organizations involved in the wraparound service work together to implement the student’s ITP.

The exact services provided in a student’s ITP vary from one child to the next, but they can be social, behavioral, educational, or nutritional in nature. Some specific examples include:

· Counseling
· Foster or group home care
· Medical care (examples include vision care or help with managing asthma)
· Afterschool programs
· Tutoring
· Truancy prevention programs
· English Language Learning (ELL )support

Wraparound Services are Close to Home

One of the key elements of Missouri’s wraparound services is that they’re close to home. Each community pairs schools, students, and resources as needed. The result is that wraparound services are unique from one community to the next.

There is no one entity that manages wraparound services, so to learn more about the services available in your own community or at your child’s school, we suggest contacting a school counselor or principal.

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