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Teaching from the Heart

Stephen Rutherford, a science teacher who has spent 34 years in the classroom has a refreshing message for teachers.
“Each teacher strives to make their teaching as meaningful as possible,” says Rutherford. “But what works for me is ‘teach from the heart’”.

Standardized tests, national learning standards, and funding for schools are dominating public discourse on education, making it easy to forget that one of the most important attributes our teachers can bring the classroom is a passion their work.

In 2008 the National Association for the Education of Young Children surveyed 43 early childhood educators about the personal characteristics that lead to effective teaching. “Passion about children and teaching” was ranked as the single most important trait a teacher could possess:

“Probably more than anything else, teachers report that it’s important to have a passion for what you do.”

Take a moment to think about your own favorite schoolteachers; the teachers who taught you the most, and whose classes you most enjoyed being part of. What things stand out in your memory? Were your favorite teachers kind? Were they knowledgeable? Were they excited to help you learn?

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