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  • Lottery Makes $29.2 Million Contribution to Missouri Public Schools

    The Missouri Lottery made a very large contribution to Missouri public education on Friday, January 10th. A total of $29.2 million was transferred to our schools — the third largest monthly transfer in the Lottery’s 28-year history.

    What lead to the massive contribution? The Lottery saw great sales in December for the $648 million jackpot, and it set a weekly Scratchers ticket record that month as well.

    The largest-ever transfer of Lottery money to Missouri public schools was $30.4 million in April 2012. The second-largest was a $30.3 million transfer which took place in June 2013.

    Approximately 25% of the Lottery’s sales go toward Missouri public schools. That amounts to around 24.8 cents per dollar spent on lottery tickets. Overall, the Lottery’s contributions account for around 4% of Missouri’s public elementary, secondary, and higher education funding.

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  • Where Does Missouri’s Public Education Funding Come From?

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    Missouri’s K-12 public schools receive funding from federal, state, and local sources. Today on the MOParent Blog, we’ll explain these three levels of funding.

    Federal Funding for Missouri Public Schools
    The United States government funds K-12 public education in a number of ways, including Title I, Reading First, Improving Teacher Quality Grants, English Language Acquisition assistance, and No Child Left Behind programs.

    The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) provides funding to states in order to educate children with disabilities, and No Child Left Behind requires that the federal government support certain educational activities.

    Overall, Missouri receives a little more than 10% of its public education funding from federal sources.

    State Funding for Missouri Public Schools
    Approximately one-third of Missouri’s K-12 public education funding originates at the state level.

    According to the U.S. Department of Education (June 2005), the average state funds 45.6% of its own K-12 public education programs. Missouri is funding public schools at a rate nearly 14% below the national average.

    Missouri’s public education funding comes from a number of sources, including taxes, gaming, and the Missouri Lottery.

    Local Funding for Missouri Public Schools
    More than 59% of K-12 public education funding comes from local sources in Missouri. Nationally, the average is approximately 37% (U.S. Department of Education, June 2005). Missouri’s local districts are providing nearly 22% more funding than the national average.

    What Does This Mean for Our Students?
    The good news is that because Missouri’s elementary and secondary schools receive funding from federal, state and local sources, a single policy change will only affect part of the state’s educational funding.

    The bad news it that because Missouri already falls well below the national average for state funding to K-12 public education, policies that reduce state-level educational spending are detrimental.

    To learn about one recent threat to Missouri’s state education budgets, see this post on Missouri House Bill 253.

    Stay tuned to the blog as in the future we will discuss state-level funding sources.

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