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Valentine’s Day Books for Young Readers (Ages 6-10)

This Valentine’s Day, encourage your child to ready by sharing one of these great Valentine’s-themed books for young (elementary school-ages) readers. For reading resources and tips on reading with your elementary school child, visit Scholastic’s rbog posts on reading to 6-7 year olds and 8-10 year olds.

The Case of the Secret Valentine
(Jigsaw Jones Mystery, Book #3)
By James Preller
Ages 8-10
The whole second-grade class enjoys Valentine's Day as much as Halloween. Just before the big day, someone sends Jigsaw a secret valentine. Was it sent by someone in his class? Was it sent by someone who loves him? Jigsaw and Mila are able to piece clues together to figure out who his secret admirer is.

Cranberry Valentine
By Harry Devlin
Ages 5-8
When Mr. Whiskers receives his first valentine ever, he begins to think he may have a secret admirer. And after the first valentine, several more follow! Who could be after Mr. Whiskers, and what should he do about it?

Cupid Doesn’t Flip Hamburgers
(Bailey School Kids, Book #12)
By Marcia Thornton Jones, Debbie Dadey
Ages 7-10
There are some pretty weird grown-ups living in Bailey City. But could the new cook in the school cafeteriareallybe Cupid cooking up love potions for lunches? The third graders from Bailey School go wild with lovesickness shortly after a new cafeteria cook distributes a special batch of Valentine cookies, and Eddie vows to find out if she's been secretly cooking up love potions for lunch.The Bailey School kids are going to find out!

Everyone Says I Love You: A Pop-Up Trip Around the World
By Beegee Tolpa
Ages 6-8
How do people around the world say “I Love You?” Each spread in this delightful pop-up book features a different country’s way of saying these very special words along with a pop-up of an iconic element from that location. From the Statue of Liberty in America, to a gondola in Italy, to an African safari, everyone will love learning how people around the world express themselves.

Geronimo’s Valentine (Geronimo Stilton #36)
By Geronimo Stilton
Ages 7 & up
Okay, I'll admit it: I'm a bit of a cheesy mouse from time to time. What can I say? I'm a romantic! That's why Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. This year I had a date with a very special rodent--Petunia Pretty Paws! But then I got a call from my private investigator friend Hercule Poirat. He had a mystery to solve, and he desperately needed my help. The most beloved, romantic, and famous painting in New Mouse City had been stolen! Now I had to help Hercule AND impress Petunia at the same time. Holey swiss cheese, what was a gentlemouse to do?

Henry and the Valentine Surprise
By Nancy Carlson
Ages 6-8
Just before Valentine’s Day, Henry and his classmates discover a heart-shaped box on their teacher Mr. McCarthy’s desk. Who’s it for? As the students spy on Mr. McCarthy, they see him talking to the playground monitor, smiling at the lunch lady, and eating with the French teacher! How many girlfriends does Mr. McCarthy have? When Henry finally asks Mr. McCarthy just who that heart-shaped box is for the class gets a big surprise! Nancy Carlson’s humorous text and candy-colored illustrations showcase just how sweet Valentine’s Day can be.

Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink
(from the Gilbert and Friends series)
By Diane deGroat
Ages 8-10
Gilbert has 15 blank Valentine cards just waiting for him to fill with nice Valentine poems for his classmates. But how can he write a nice poem for the boy who tweaked his nose or the girl who made fun of his glasses? Laugh as Gilbert's poison pen causes a classroom controversy. This warm and funny book about a favorite holiday also provides a subtle message about forgiveness and being a good friend.

Slugs in Love
By Susan Pearson
Ages 6 & up
Marylou loves everything about Herbie—how his slime trail glistens in the dark, how he can stretch himself thin to squeeze inside the cellar window, and how he always finds the juiciest tomatoes. But Marylou is a shy slug. How can she get Herbie to notice her? Find out how Marylou woos her beloved in this must-have love story that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.

By Carol Carrick
Ages 5-8
Paddy Bouma's soft watercolors highlight this unusual Valentine's Day story of a loving grandmother-granddaughter relationship. Heather is disappointed that Mama can't stay home from work to spend the holiday with her. Making cookies with Grandma-including a big, heart-shaped one for Mama-cheers her up. But when Heather and Grandma check on the sheep, they find one of the new lambs cold and still. Young children will identify with Heather's pride in helping care for the lamb and her joyful anticipation of another surprise to share with Mama.

Valentine’s Day Disaster (Geronimo Stilton #23)
By Geronimo Stilton
Ages 7 & up
It was Valentine's Day in New Mouse City, and I couldn't wait to celebrate! I had sent valentine cards to all my friends and family members.
But when I opened my mailbox on the morning of February 14th, it was empty! Had everyone forgotten about me? Was I destined to spend Valentine's Day alone in my mousehole, sobbing, with only my pet fish to console me? It was starting to look like a true Valentine's Day disaster!

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