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Understanding Missouri's New Educator Evaluation Standards

Teachers and school administrators play an important role in student performance in Missouri. That’s why the state has recently adopted new standards for teacher, principal and superintendent evaluations.

Missouri Commissioner of Education, Chris L. Nicastro says, "Quality educators are key to student learning. An effective evaluation system provides teachers and school leaders with feedback that will contribute to their development and performance throughout their careers."

The new system, called the Model Educator Evaluation System, was created with the help of teachers and administrators across Missouri. The program was piloted in 105 school districts in 2012-2013, including some of the state’s largest districts as well as one of the state’s smallest. The Missouri State Board of Education approved the guidelines in May 2013.

“Missouri’s Educator Evaluation System has been designed and created by many of the state’s finest educators with the goal of improving effective practice to create environments where students can accelerate learning and experience academic success.”
- Taken from the Educator Evaluation System Executive Summary

Here are the key takeaways of the Missouri Model Educator Evaluation System:
· Teachers, principals and superintendents will be evaluated based on seven Essential Principles of Effective Evaluation
· Evaluations will take place throughout an educator’s career; there’s always room for improvement
· Schools have a choice between adopting the Educator Evaluation System or implementing their own evaluation system. If they adopt their own system, it must align with the Essential Principles of Effective Evaluation
· The ultimate goal of the Educator Evaluation System is increased student performance

Over the next few days, we’ll explain the Essential Principles of Effective Evaluation, the Professional Continuum of the Missouri Teacher, and other specifics of Missouri’s Educator Evaluation System.

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