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Tools to Use: The Missouri General Assembly Roster


The Missouri General Assembly Roster, published by the Secretary of State’s office, is your go-to legislative resource as a Missouri citizen. Like the Yellow Pages of state elected officials, the Roster includes lists of every elected official — and their contact information — in the State of Missouri.

The Roster includes the names, photos, phone numbers and email addresses of Missouri’s State Senators, State Representatives, U.S. Representatives, and U.S. Senators. The Roster also includes the names, photos, and phone numbers of Missouri’s Executive Officers.

The Roster includes other helpful information, such as:
· Standing and Special Committees Lists
· Contact Information for Elected Official Staff Offices
· Names & Contact Information for State Executive Officers
· Map of Missouri’s Federal Congressional Districts
· Map of Missouri House Districts
· Map of Missouri Senatorial Districts
· Missouri General Assembly Schedules

The Missouri General Assembly Roster is a tool you can use to better-understand who represents your family when important school finance and policy issues arise. With the Roster, you can easily find — and communicate with — each of your state and federal elected officials.

Go Deeper: Find and Contact Your Missouri Legislators Digitally

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