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Three Great Reasons to Use the School Bus

Missouri students have several options for transportation to and from school. Today we’ll share three reasons why riding the bus to and from school is a great option in Missouri.

School Buses Reduce Your Family’s Carbon Footprint
Putting your child on the bus to and from school helps reduce emissions by keeping additional automobiles off the road.

The positive impact you and your child will make on the environment by choosing the school bus is substantial.

According to, each school bus on the road replaces 36 cars, saving 2.3 billion gallons of fuel, $6 billion, and 44.6 billion pounds of CO2 nationally.

The School Bus is Your Child’s Safest Ride to School
Did you know that studies have shown that the school bus is your child’s safest ride to and from school?

According to Linda McCray and John Brewer, “The safety record for school bus transportation exceeds that of all other modes of travel.”

WebMD puts the statistics into perspective:

"When on a school bus, your child is driven by a professional driver in a reinforced vehicle designed to include bright flashing lights, stop sign arms, and other special safety features. The school bus is, statistically, the safest choice of transportation to and from school."

Riding the Bus is Cost Efficient
When you choose to use the school bus instead of driving your child to school, you’re not only keeping your child safer and reducing your family’s carbon footprint, you’re saving money, too.

When money is tight for families, school districts, and the nation, every cost savings opportunity helps. Consider saving your family and your district money by encouraging your child to ride the bus to and from school.

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