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  • BAM! The CDC Connects with Kids through Games, Cartoons, and Activities Online

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the country’s health protection agency, providing information and resources to help protect citizens from health and safety threats. But did you know that the CDC hosts an entire website that’s devoted entirely to the health of our nation’s young people?

    The BAM! Body and Mind website includes videos, games, and other content designed specifically for kids. Content is organized under six categories: Diseases, Food & Nutrition, Physical Activity, Your Safety, Your Life, and Your Body.

    The site offers a range of research-supported information presented in kid-friendly formats. A few examples include:

    Cartoons Like “The Immune Platoon” and “The Ad Decoder
    Games Like “Dining Decisions
    Activity Cards for Sports & Activities and Activity Safety

    Of course, the CDC offers information on youth health & safety that’s designed to be used by adult readers, too. You can find the CDC’s Adolescent and School Health pages here.

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    Free Printables That Teach Healthy Eating Habits 

  • Free Printables That Teach Healthy Eating Habits

    From 2008 to 2011, Missouri showed one of the largest declines in the nation in childhood obesity rates according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (source).

    According to the Missouri Foundation for Health, however, Missouri is still one of the heaviest states in the nation with more than 31% of our 10-17 year olds and more than 30% of our adult population qualifying as overweight or obese (source).

    If you’re a parent or a teacher in Missouri who wants to teach your kids about healthy eating and active living, Nourish Interactive has some fun resources available to you absolutely free.

    Dozens of nutrition, meal planning, and active living printables are available for download from the Nourish Interactive website. Some of the printables are in color, some are in black-and-white, but all are fun, free ways to teach your children (or your students) about healthy food choices.

    Choose from learning sheets, nutrition-fitness worksheets, writing activities, healthy coloring sheets, and nutrition sheets for ages 0-13, or search by grade level, pre-k through 5.

    These free printables can help kids learn about the food groups, vitamins, minerals and nutrition vocabulary. And for parents who want to take nutrition education one step further, there are printables about kids’ gardening, kids’ cooking, healthy goal-setting, and fitness tracking. And as an added bonus, each printable is downloadable in English and in Spanish.

    Here are a few of our favorite printables from Nourish Interactive:

    Chef Solus Color My Plate Drawing Page
    Fitness and Nutrition Alphabet Words Using Letter A
    (there’s one of these for every letter in the alphabet!)
    Compare Food Labels Worksheet
    Five Food Groups Tracking Sheet - Color the Stars
    Childrens’ Lunchbox Notes - General Nutrition

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  • The Summer Food Service Program: Preventing Summertime Hunger

    School may now be in session for some in Missouri but for other students it is still out for summer. Students in more than 800 locations across Missouri are still served free and nutritious meals in their communities through the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP).

    SFSP offers up to four meals per day; breakfast, lunch, supper, and a snack. The number of meals provided varies from one SFSP site to the next.

    Finding Free Summer Meals for Your Child
    Would your child benefit from a free meal or a few free meals each day through the summer months? You can find out where the closest SFSP sites are to your home by calling 1-866-3-HUNGER or 1-877-8-HAMBRE Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm CST; by visiting; by emailing (include your city, state and zip code); or by using the Missouri SFSP Mobile Map App.

    Spreading the Word About Summertime Meals
    There are a number of ways you can help spread the word about SFSP in your community:
    1) Contact your local radio station: The SFSP has free, downloadable Public Service Announcements (PSA) on its website that radio stations should run on the air at no charge. Download the PSA transcripts and learn more about how the PSA works here. The SFSP also makes recordings available of the PSAs in English and Spanish. You can find those under “Multimedia Products” on this page.
    2) Visit this site to download printable flyers, door hangers, brochures, and toolkits in English and Spanish to help families in your community learn about summer meals available to children.

    Become an SFSP Sponsor
    Schools, nonprofits, government agencies, summer camps, and national youth sports programs can all sponsor the SFSP program. If you’re interested in bringing nutritious summer meals to kids in your community, it may be possible to partner with one of these organizations in your area.

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