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  • #MissouriMath Doesn’t Add Up

          The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics says that “the underpinnings of everyday life, such as making purchases, choosing insurance or health plans, and planning fore retirement, all require mathematical competence. (source) Mathematics is taught in Missouri’s K-12 schools and in its colleges and universities. From addition to calculus; statistics to econometrics, Missouri’s students take a wide range of math classes from kindergarten through college.

  • The Missouri Lottery: False Advertising?

    The Missouri Lottery, which exists in large part to fund public schools, is under public scrutiny.   The Lottery saw a 1.5 percent increase in gross revenue last year, while its contributions to public education were down 7.4. This hasn’t stopped the Lottery from spending advertising dollars telling the public about its contributions to public education.

  • Four Prominent Educators Appointed to the Missouri Lottery Commission

             Missouri Governor Jay Nixon recently made two important decisions about the Missouri Lottery that could affect funding for Missouri public schools. First, the governor required the Office of Administration (OA) to review the State Lottery Commission. Second, he replaced four Missouri Lottery commissioners and added a fifth.

  • The Missouri Lottery Funds Missouri Public Schools

    Click the image above for a downloadable PDF. The Missouri Lottery supports Missouri public education by contributing nearly 25% of its ticket sales proceeds to public education annually. Contributions have risen steadily over the last decade, leading to a record-high contribution in fiscal year 2013.

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