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Tax Breaks Don’t Benefit Students

Dozens of Missouri representatives from across party lines stood strong in 2013 against Missouri House Bill 253. The bill, which was touted as an economic development bill, centered on business tax cuts that were detrimental to state funding for public schools.

Now that Missouri’s new legislative session is underway, another bill has emerged that is reminiscent of HB 253.

Like HB 253, HB 1253 establishes tax breaks for Missouri businesses. The bill is sponsored by Representative T.J. Berry (R-Kearney) — the same representative who sponsored HB 253, but it is narrower in scope than HB 253 was.

In a testimony against HB 1253 by the School Administrator’s Coalition to the Ways & Means Committee, the Coalition pointed out to the committee that Missouri’s state-level education funding is some of the worst in the nation.

The reduced state revenues created by HB 1253’s tax cuts will undercut already-low funding for Missouri’s schools.

Since 2008, Missouri’s public schools have seen:
· A 50% cut to early childhood education in the Parents As Teachers Program.
· A $10 million cut to low-income early childhood education.
· A 70% cut to transportation.
· The elimination of Career Ladder.
· Stagnate state funding coming to their schools.

The Missouri Foundation Formula was underfunded by $621 million in FY2013, and nearly 84% of Missouri’s education funding comes from the General Revenue; a fund which is expected to be hit hard by the tax breaks supported by HB 1253.

Our schools can’t afford to lose any more state funding, which is why, at this time, Missouri Parent does not support Missouri HB 1253.

One of our goals at Missouri Parent is to keep you — the Missouri public school parent — informed on legislative and funding issues that affect your child’s public education. As the Second Regular Session of the 97th Missouri General Assembly moves forward, we’ll continue to post relevant updates and advocacy topics here on the Missouri Parent Blog.

The Senate version of this bill is SB 509 sponsored by Senator Will Kraus of Jackson County.

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