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Spooky Science Projects for Halloween Part I

Earlier this month, we posted five fun & easy fall science projects that you can do at home with your kids. Today we’re back with more ideas — this time for spooky science projects and experiments that are perfect for Halloween!

Make Your Own Fake Blood

This project is just gross enough to be fun! Make two different kinds of blood using basic kitchen materials. One blood type shows how blood works as it clots and heals the body. The other blood type isn’t quite as realistic, but it will look great for spooky Halloween effects. Both recipes can be found here

Creepy Layers (Density!)
This creepy layers tutorial guides you through an experiment in the mass of liquids and how their different densities result in colorful layers. Add small objects like plastic spiders, paper clips, or small, waterproof toys to the liquids to see where — or if — they float in the layers.

Ghostly Glow-in-the-Dark Goo
This project uses just five ingredients, and you probably already have four of them in your kitchen! Little fingers will love this gunky, gooey concoction, and with just a little bit of kid-friendly paint, it will even glow in the dark!

Come back tomorrow for Spooky Science Projects for Halloween Part II to learn how to make a ghost move using magnets, how to make your own fog, and to get the recipe for a bewitching, bubbling brew!

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