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Infographic Shows Seriousness of Cyber Bullying

Click the partial image above for the full infographic.

A professor of social media from the Syracuse University has put into an info-graphic what many parents already know: that cyber bullying is very real, and that it’s very dangerous.

Dr. William J. Ward teaches at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. In this infographic designed by Eric Phillips, he highlights some startling facts about cyber bullying:

· 1 in 6 teens are cyber bullied
· Girls are more than twice as likely as boys to be cyber bullied
· Whites are more than twice as likely as blacks to be cyber bullied
· Bullying is illegal in all but one U.S. state
· Cyber bulling victims are more like to commit suicide than are victims of offline bullying
· Only 1 in 10 victims reaches out for help

Cyber bullying is a real and potentially dangerous problem for kids and teens, but you can help. Read this Missouri Parent blog post on how adults can support bullied students. This post on managing online peer pressure might also be helpful to you.ty

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