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Reusing & Personalizing School Supplies

Reusing & Personalizing School Supplies

As your child heads back to school this fall, you’ll face a few unavoidable expenses. Today we’ll talk about how to save money (and keep your kids smiling) by reusing and personalizing basic school supplies.

Reuse It
Some school supplies are easy and convenient to reuse at the beginning of the new school year.

Here are a few examples:
Lunch Boxes
Pencils & Pens

If last year’s school supplies are functional, but leave your child less than enthusiastic about the first day of school, consider personalizing those reused school supplies using some the ideas below.

Personalize It
To make reused or generic school supplies more special, consider personalizing them. By letting your creativity (and your child’s) out to play, your child’s “old” school supplies will feel new, fresh, and most importantly, uniquely theirs.

Here are a few ideas:
· Use scrapbook paper to recover a reused three-ring binders, folders, and notebooks.
· Cover reused pencils and pens or embellish notebooks, folders, glue bottles and other supplies with “washi tape” (patterned, decorative masking tape available in craft stores) or brightly-colored duct tape.
· Help your teenager decorate notebooks and folders with magazine collages or photographs or friends.

Pinterest abounds with other fun (and often inexpensive) ideas. Want to make personalizing school supplies even more fun and less expensive? Coordinate with other parents to have a school supply decorating party.

When each family brings a few decorating supplies to share, everyone saves, and when kids decorate their school supplies with friends, they’ll be even more excited to show them off on the first day of school.

Fore more ideas on how to save money back-to-school shopping this fall, check out these 5 Back-To-School Savings Tips

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