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MSIP5 Performance Standard: Attendance Rate

The Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP) is the framework for the State’s Annual Performance Reports (APR), which are used — along with other information — to determine each district’s accreditation status.

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Under MSIP, five distinctive Performance Standards are measured, including Attendance Rate.

The other four Performance Standards are: Academic Achievement, Subgroup Achievement, College and Career (or High School) Readiness, and Graduation Rate.

Measuring these performance standards informs each school’s APR scores and accreditation status, and also helps Missouri measure its progress toward the goal of achieving a Top 10 ranking in the US in public education by the year 2020.

Under MSIP5, attendance has a fairly straightforward goal; to ensure that all students in any given school district attend school regularly.

Attendance is measured based on individual student attendance rates; 90% of individual students are expected to be in attendance 90% of the time.

Though the overall formula is a bit more complicated, the idea is that attendance rates are calculated based on total possible hours in school (total hours enrolled) against any hours that the student has been absent from school. Each student’s attendance is counted individually, and attendance records are kept for all students K-12.

Both the total hours enrolled and the total hours absent are tracked for each individual student. This allows schools, districts, and the state to account for part-day absences (for example, doctor’s appointments).

It also ensure that when students transfer into or out of a school district, that school district is only held accountable for the student’s attendance for the total hours the student could possibly attend that school (based on his or her enrollment).

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