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Missouri’s Educational Associations Plead: Vote No on Missouri Amendment 3



17 of Missouri’s professional associations, most of them composed of educators and school administrators, have taken an official position against Constitutional Amendment 3.

The Amendment threatens local control of school districts, calls for standardized tests for every grade and every subject area (including the Arts), and ties teacher pay directly to student performance on those tests.

The Amendment was sponsored by an advocacy organization that is no longer in operation called Teach First. Teachers, Administrators, and community members are outspoken against Teach First and Amendment 3.

Michael Kuhn, a teacher in the Lindbergh School District, says that Amendment 3 is, “an imposition on our community, removing local control, evaluating teachers on a single standardized test, and it threatens to drain our budget with mandated standardized testing costs.” (source)

Protect Our Local Schools is the coalition of parents, teachers, principals, superintendents, and schools boards who believe that Amendment 3 must be defeated on November 4th.



20 professional associations, most of them state-level educational groups, are partners of Protect Our Local Schools, and nearly 130 Missouri school districts to date have passed resolutions opposing Amendment 3.

Our state’s educators have valuable insights into students and schools, and their position is nearly unanimous: Amendment 3 is bad for Missouri.

If you believe that local control is critical and that the addition of more standardized tests does not add value to the experience Missouri’s children receive in our schools, please go to the polls on November 4th and vote “No” on Constitutional Amendment 3.

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