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  • These Tips Will Make Public School Enrollment a Piece of Cake


    Summer is a time of transition for many families, and it can be a time of anticipation for students and parents who will start a new school in the fall. Luckily, Missouri Parent has done the legwork. These tips will make public school enrollment a piece of cake for your family!

    Tip #1: Find Your Child’s School
    If you’re new to Missouri public schools, or if you’re trying to find your child’s school in a new community following a family move, the Missouri School Directory online is a huge help! It allows you to search for schools by district, county, or legislative district.

    Learn More: Finding Your Child’s School

    Tip #2: Gather the Right Documentation
    It’ll save you time and stress if you show up to your child’s school enrollment appointment with the correct documentation on-hand.

    This post explains the identification, medical, academic, and behavioral records you should bring when you enroll your child in school. Be prepared, though, that your child’s school may also ask you to complete additional documentation like technology assessments or language questionnaires.

    Tip #3: Ensure Your Child’s Immunizations are Up to Date
    Missouri public schools have published a recommended immunization schedule based on the suggestions of leading disease, pediatric, and family organizations across the country. Learn more about the vaccines that public schools students are required to receive in this post.

    Tip #4: Meet the Teacher & Attend the Open House
    Most Missouri schools offer the chance for parents and students to meet the teacher and the principal before school starts. If you’re new to the district, this is a great way to begin building relationships with the adults your child will interact with daily at school. Open houses are also a great way to get your child comfortable with his or her new school building, classroom, and teachers.

    Learn More: Making the Most of Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Tip #5: Don’t Let In-State Transfers Intimidate You!
    We know that a mid-year school transfer can be stressful for you and your family, so we wrote this post explaining the basic in-state transfer process for you. Luckily, Missouri has streamlined in-state transfers to make them easier for families like yours.

    Summer is a time of transition for many families, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be a time when parents and kids feel overwhelmed by the stress of school enrollment or transfer. We hope that these five tips help make your child’s school enrollment a piece of cake this fall!

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  • Missouri Public Schools: What to Expect During the Enrollment Process

    Today we’re wrapping up our five-part public school enrollment series by giving you a practical idea what to expect during the enrollment process.

    As always, please communicate directly with your child’s school when you have specific enrollment questions.

    5 Common School Enrollment Steps

    1) Contact Your Child’s School – Verify exactly what documentation you’ll need for enrollment and ask when the best time is to come to the school to begin enrollment. It’s never too early to begin learning more about your district’s specific policies and deadlines.

    If your enrollment will be in-person, be sure you know where to go! Some districts will ask you to enroll at your child’s school, while others may only provide enrollment services through an administrative office elsewhere in the district.

    2) Gather/Prepare Documentation & Paperwork – Gather and organize your child’s documents before enrolling. Arriving at the school organized and ready-to-go will make the process smoother for you, and it’ll also make a good impression on your child’s school.

    3) Enrollment –New student enrollment is still done largely in-person, while many Missouri students can re-enroll for subsequent school years online in many Missouri districts. Arrive on time and prepared with the right paperwork, and enrollment should go smoothly.

    4) Meetings with Teachers & Administrators – You may have the opportunity to meet your child’s teacher or principal. If you’re new to a school or district, this is a great way to begin building relationships with your child’s educators. And if your son or daughter has met his or her teacher in advance, his or her first day of school will be a little easier.

    5) Open Houses – Most schools offer an open house at the beginning of each school year. You should attend open house with younger children, while older kids may prefer to attend their open house independently or with friends. Open houses help you child get comfortable with his or her new school, teacher(s), and classroom(s).

    Enrollment in a new school should not be a scary experience for you and for your kids. We hope that this five-part feature has helped you know what to expect, and that you’ll continue to use the MOParent Blog as a resource about your child’s public school education.

  • Enrollment in Missouri Public Schools: Additional Documentation Parents May Need

    Today is part four in a five-part series on public school enrollment in Missouri. Yesterday  we outlined the basic expectations your child’s public school will have for academic and behavioral records.

    Today, we’ll talk about the “odds & ends” of public school enrollment; the paperwork and documentation that might vary from school to school, district to district, and grade level to grade level.

    Be sure to come back tomorrow as we wrap up our five-part series with our “What to Expect During the Enrollment Process” post.

    Other Paperwork
    Over the last three days, we’ve explained the general expectations your child’s Missouri public school has for documentation around your child’s identity , medical records, academics , and behavior . We also offered a few tips on identifying which public school your child should enroll in.

    Your school may also ask you to complete additional documentation including technology agreements (allowing your child to use school computers, Internet, etc.), language questionnaires (to learn more about your child’s proficiencies in languages other than English), and questions preschool questionnaires.

    These questionnaires aren’t a test; they’re another way for your child’s school to ensure that they’re providing your child with the best education they can.

    Tomorrow on the MOParent Blog: What to Expect During the Enrollment Process
    Come back tomorrow to learn more about the process of enrollment in Missouri public schools.

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  • Enrollment in Missouri Public Schools: Academic & Behavioral Records

    Over the last two days, we’ve begun to explore the Missouri public schools enrollment process. Two days ago, we discussed finding your child’s public school, and yesterday we talked about identity verification and medical records.

    Today we’ll outline the role of academic and behavioral records in school enrollment.

    Academic Records
    If your child has past academic records, his or her new school will ask you to sign a release form that allows them to request those records from your child’s previous school.

    If your child is entering kindergarten for the first time, this won’t apply. If your child is enrolling in public school after homeschooling, contact your local school district to find out what information they’ll need about your homeschooling curriculum as part of your child’s enrollment.

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    Behavioral Records
    Missouri’s public schools will also request information about your child’s behavior history.

    If your child is transferring from another school, it’s important to realize that your child’s behavior records will travel with him or her to the new school. There’s no “out-running” disciplinary records, so if your child has any documented behavioral issues, you should be prepared to talk through those with administrators at your new school.

    If your child is entering school for the first time, this is also when your child’s school will work with you to ensure that any known special needs are being addressed.

    If your child has any special behavioral needs, the school will likely develop an individualized educational plan (IEP) for your son or daughter. Don’t be intimidated — this is just one more way Missouri public schools work to ensure that your child receives a quality education.

  • Enrollment in Missouri Public Schools: Documentation

    Yesterday on the MOParent Blog, we talked about finding your child’s Missouri public school. Today we’ll talk about documentation and other paperwork you might need to fill out or provide to complete as part of the public school enrollment process.

    Missouri public schools will require a few pieces of important paperwork from you. This paperwork will fall into a few categories, including identity, medical, academic, and behavioral records.

    To enroll your child in Missouri public schools, you’ll need to verify your child’s age and identity, as well as your residence inside the district. Examples of documentation you might need for this process include your child’s birth certificate or passport, a utility bill in your name that shows your current address inside the school district, or a notarized letter from the owner of the residence with whom your family is living inside the school district.

    Each district may have slight variations on acceptable documentation, so be sure to contact your child’s school to confirm exactly what they’ll need from you.

    Medical Records
    Public schools will require a health summary of some sort, including your child’s immunization records

    Some schools will require basic eyesight and hearing tests to be performed. Your child’s school will also want to be able to provide the best possible learning environment for your child, so any relevant medical or developmental disabilities should be shared during enrollment.

    Come Back Tomorrow For…
    Tomorrow on the MOParent Blog, we’ll explain the academic and behavioral records your child’s school will need to enroll in school.

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  • Enrollment in Missouri Public Schools: Finding Your Child’s School

    If you’re new to Missouri public schools, or if you’re enrolling your child here for the first time, this series of blog posts is for you. MOParent will help you understand what the enrollment process is like for your child, and we’ll point you in the right direction for additional resources.

    Finding Your Child’s School
    If you live in a smaller Missouri community, you probably already know which school your child will. But if you live in a larger Missouri city you might need help finding your child’s school.

    The Missouri School Directory Online allows you to search for Missouri schools by district, county, or legislative district. For example, if you live in Springfield, Missouri, you can see a list of all Springfield R-XII schools and their contact information, as well as the contact information for the district.

    Many school districts also publish maps showing geographic boundaries for each of its schools. This example from the Columbia Public School District shows the locations of all 36 schools in the district, and helps families understand which schools are closest to their homes.

    If you’re unsure which school your child should be enrolled in, MOParent encourages you to contact your local school district for more information. Missouri public schools are here to ensure that your child receives access to a free public school education, and the first step is making sure that you know which school your child will attend.

    Once You’ve Identified Your Child’s School
    Come back tomorrow to learn more about the enrollment process, including what paperwork you’ll need to gather before enrollment.

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