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Missouri Parent: Looking Ahead to 2015


If you have an interest in public education, Missouri Parent is here for you. We’ve worked hard to provide accurate and timely information to parents and advocates of public education since we launched 2013. We saw some big wins for K-12 schools in 2014, and we’re looking forward to making even more progress in 2015.

One of our biggest advocacy priorities has been, and will continue to be, reaching full funding for the historically under-funded Missouri Foundation Formula.

The Foundation Formula was passed into law in 2005 but has never received promised levels of state investment. We’ll talk a lot about the Formula, sharing relevant news, advocacy opportunities and updates to you, our readers.

In 2015, you can also count on Missouri Parent to help you get to know many of our state legislators as they work to fund and administer K-12 education in the Show-Me State.

We’ll work to educate and inform new and current representatives to the role of public schools in local communities and the state as a whole. Missouri’s historical Republican supermajority gives less power to the Governor, who has traditionally been a vocal supporter of public education.

There will also be moments of celebration as we recognize the success stories of students, schools, and education leaders in Missouri who are awarded or recognized for their outstanding achievements.

Missouri Parent will continue to educate lawmakers around the economic benefits of investments in public schools, especially in early childhood education. We’ll also talk about the continued role of public schools in teaching good citizenship and responsible community involvement.

Finally, you can count on Missouri Parent to write more about — and to stand up against — tax cuts and tax credits that harm your child’s access to high quality education in Missouri’s publicly-funded education system. We call this campaign #MissouriMath and ask you to tell your families, friends, and elected officials about it.

Thank you for your support in 2014. We’re looking forward to continuing our rally cry for public education in 2015, and hope you’ll come with us, sharing our blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts with other parents and community members you know who are passionate about public education

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