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Missouri Educators Speak Out Against HB 253

Dr. Lori Van Leer, Superintendent of Washington (MO) Public Schools (source: LinkedIn)

Across the state, Missouri’s educators are speaking out against House Bill No. 253, which could wreak havoc on public education budgets. A survey of news sources across the state reveals superintendents statewide are going on the record against HB 253.

Here’s what some of those superintendents have to say:

“There has been no Board action, but we support the Governor’s stance on this issue. If it’s [HB 253] passed, it [HB 253] would have a dramatic financial impact on public education and could be absolutely devastating for some districts. We are hopeful the veto stands.”
- Dr. Jerrod Wheeler, West Platte Superintendent in the The Platte County Citizen (8/1/13)

“This is not a time in our state’s history to be experimenting with policies that could significantly damage, if not completely devastate, schools and others that would be impacted by the potential this would not work.”
-C.J. Huff, Joplin Superintendent in the Joplin Globe (7/28/13)

“In addition to underfunding the entire education system of the state, Missouri provides zero dollars for professional development for educators in our struggling school districts and classroom technology needs are either being met by local tax payers or going completely unanswered.”
-Paul Ziegler, Northwest R-1 School District Superintendent and President of the Missouri Association of School Administrators (7/21/13)

“I fail to see how we can advance this country and advance our school systems that are charged with educating youth with dwindling resources. Education is fundamental to our success locally, as a state and as a nation. Missouri wants to be more, yet it grossly underfunds the one thing that can drive our economic engine.”
- Dr. Lori VanLeer, Washington Superintendent in (7/25/13)

“Unfortunately, House Bill 253 could put all of our past success and future opportunities at risk by taking money away from our schools and by making it more expensive to improve our facilities for students. That’s why we are continuing to talk to our elected representatives about the need to support our schools and protect taxpayers by sustaining the Governor’s veto of House Bill 253.”
-Norm Ridder, Springfield Public Schools’ Superintendent in The Ozarks Sentinel (8/8/13)

House Bill No. 253 is not in the best interest of Missouri’s students or the schools they attend. 

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