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Knowing Your Child’s Learning Style Can Make Your Child Successful in School

It’s a new school year, and you’re dedicated to making sure your child does well. No matter what grade your child is in this year, understanding how he or she learns is critical to helping him or her succeed academically.

We have talked about social and independent learners before and today we’ll explore the idea that some children learn better visually while others learn better aurally; that some might study best verbally, while others might have the most success when they can touch or feel the things they’re learning.

With a little bit of help from MOParent, you’ll be able to identify which learning style best suits your child.

Visual Learners
Does your child learn well when images are involved? Is he or she great at putting puzzles together, folding notes to friends in complex ways, or seeing a 2D diagram and easily understanding what the item would look like in 3D? Then he or she might be a visual learner.

Aural (or Auditory) Learners
Does your child learn musical instruments easily? Does he or she use melodies or rhythms to memorize facts before tests? Does your child seem to remember information better when it’s read aloud to him or her? Your child might be an aural – or auditory – learner.

Verbal Learners
Does your son or daughter learn well using mnemonics? Does he or she enjoy reading and writing new information? Does reading text aloud (especially dramatically) help your child remember information? You might have a verbal learner in your family.

Physical (or Kinesthetic) Learners
Does your child love to participate in physical activities like sports, gardening, building model airplanes, or doing hands-on science or craft projects? Does he or she remember things that he or she has done more easily than the things that he or she has read or heard? Your son or daughter might be a physical – or kinesthetic - learner.

Logical (or Analytical) Learners
Does your child look at seemingly random information and see patterns or trends? Does he or she tend to think linearly through problems? Does he or she enjoy strategy games? Does he or she notice it when you say something that isn’t logical? Your child may be a logical – or analytical - learner.

I Think I Know My Child’s Learning Style, Now What Do I Do?
Now that you have a better idea what your child’s learning style is, you’re probably wondering what those learning styles mean for your child.

How can you best help your child prepare for tests? How can you help him or her develop good study habits that will carry over into the high school and college years?

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