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Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri Partner with Missouri Schools to Prevent Violence

No parent or teacher wants to worry that his or her students are subject to bullying or violence. That’s why the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri has been working with Missouri schools for more than a decade through an anti-violence education program called PAVE (Project Anti-Violence Education).

Missouri schools can leverage the PAVE program for free, and it benefits boys and girls, both.

PAVE in the Classroom
A trained facilitator will come into the classroom to work with boys and girls K-12.

PAVE Girl Power Groups
These eight-week programs bring together smaller groups of girls in grades 7-12 to focus on issues related to aggressive behavior and peer abuse specifically between girls.

The PAVE Full Service Experience
The full-service PAVE option brings facilitators into the classroom up to four times and includes facilitation of at least one Girl Power Group.

The topics covered in PAVE programs vary depending on the age of the students involved. 3rd graders, for instance, talk about bullying, anger management/violence, abuse, conflict resolution, and peer pressure. 9th and 10th graders, by contrast, discuss healthy relationships, cyber bullying and Internet safety, bullying, and inclusion/diversity.

Teachers are receptive to the PAVE program: 98% reported that students demonstrated better control of their tempers in conflict situations in the classroom after PAVE, and 97% said that PAVE helped students do better at following classroom rules, reducing interruptions that impact learning in the classroom.

More than 300,000 young people in Eastern Missouri have benefited from the PAVE program already, and in 2012-13, more than 100 schools in Eastern Missouri used the PAVE program.

To learn more about PAVE and how the Girls Scouts of Eastern Missouri can help your child or your school, visit their website or contact Michelle Johnson at 314-592-2344 or

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