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Four Passed Bills Which Impact Missouri Public Schools

With the end of the regular session of the Missouri Legislature, it is a good time to look at several bills impacting public education were passed and one which might be back sooner than you think.

HB 2002 is the appropriations bill which fund elementary and secondary schools. The Foundation Formula received an at least $115 million in increased funding. Due to a compromise trigger, if revenue meets earlier forecasts the fund could see more money for public schools.

Even with the increased funding, the Foundation Formula is currently underfunded by more than $500 million from promised levels.

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SB 493 is the bill relating to transfers of students from unaccredited schools to accredited schools. Among many changes, the bill allows for students to be transferred to private, nonreligious schools. Governor Nixon is considering a veto of this bill and calling the Legislature back to a special session on the issue.

HB 1689 allows for future state funding for public school districts to provide early childhood education to children in poverty.

HB 1490 seeks to find a compromised between supporters and detractors of the Common Core standards by creating evaluation panels for any changes to education standards.

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Missouri Parent will continue to cover these issues and any updates on possible special session.

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