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Expectations of Missouri’s Public School Teachers Depend on Experience Level

On May 14, 2013, the Missouri State Board of Education approved the Educator Evaluation System. This new system evaluates teachers, principals and superintendents throughout their careers.

As part of the evaluation system, a continuum was design to show where an educator is in his or her career. The continuum is designed to reflect a teacher’s performance rather that his or her years of service.

According the Executive Summary of the Educator Evaluation System, “the professional continuum identifies expectations of performance at the candidate level (pre-service) and at four levels of performance for the teacher, leader and superintendent.”

This post will focus on the continuum for teachers, but similar spectrums exist in then new system for principals and superintendents, as well. The four levels of teacher experience on the professional continuum are defined as “Emerging Leader”, “Developing Teacher”, “Proficient Teacher”, and “Distinguished Teacher”.

Teachers are expected to show increased maturity, knowledge and skill over time. As a teacher gains experience, the expectations of his or her performance change. What follows is a general overview of how the state’s new evaluation system outlines career growth along a teacher’s professional continuum:

At each level of performance in teacher’s career, the expectations of him or her increase in each of nine “Standards”; (1) content knowledge, (2) student learning, growth, and development, (3) curriculum implementation, (4) critical thinking, (5) positive classroom environment, (6) effective communication, (7) student assessment and data analysis, (8) professionalism, and (9) professional collaboration.

Emerging Leader: A new teacher who applies base knowledge and skills as he or she begins to teach. He or she advances student growth and achievement in his or her classroom.Developing Teacher: A teacher early in his or her assignment who continually develops his or her teaching, content, knowledge, and skills as he or she encounters new experiences and expectations in the classroom, school, district, and community. This teacher continues to advance student growth and achievement.

Proficient Teacher: A career, professional teacher who continues to advance his or her knowledge and skills while consistently advancing student growth and achievement.

Distinguished Teacher: A career, professional teacher whose performance exceeds proficiency and who contributes to the profession and larger community. This teacher consistently advances student growth and achievement and serves as an educational leader in the school, district, and the profession.

The Missouri Educator Evaluation System clearly articulates “quality indicators” for each of those nine standards, and it defines how an Emerging, Developing, Proficient, or Distinguished Teacher who meets each standard would teach and/or lead students and other teachers in his or her school, district, or community.

The overarching goal of the Educator Evaluation System is to improve student performance, and student performance will only improve as long as each teacher continually improves his or her own practice.

The new system for evaluating Missouri’s teachers is designed to drive continuous teacher improvement (and student performance) at every stage of a teacher’s career.

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