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Drive Safely This Fall to Protect Missouri’s Students: Part I

This video is from WDTN in Ohio but the basic rules are applicable anywhere.

August is Back to School Safety Month, and we’re here to help you send your child back to school with confidence. Today and tomorrow we’ll talk about driving safely in and around Missouri schools and school buses.

Note: This post is written with you — the Missouri parent in mind, but if you have a teenager driver at home, we encourage you to share this information with him or her, too.

School Zone Safety
Let’s start with safety in and around your child’s school. Missouri’s school zones are marked with signs, flashing lights, on-road markers painted on the pavement, or some combination of these.

Signs should indicate what time of day your local school zone is “active”, but you should also be aware that anytime a school zone’s flashing lights are on, school zone speed laws should be followed. If you have any questions about the school zone speed limits or signage in your community, we encourage you to contact your local police station.

“Children are generally carefree and are often oblivious to their surroundings; that is why it’s important that drivers go the extra length to protect them. If you are entering a school zone or are traveling in a heavily populated area, be aware of the activity surrounding you. It only takes a moment for a child to run out in front of your vehicle and, if you are speeding, you may not have enough time to react.”
-The Missouri Driving University

Safety Isn’t Just About Speed

It’s important to drive at safe speeds in school zones, but speed isn’t the only precaution you should take.

Increased pedestrian and bicycle traffic around schools mean that you should remain very aware of what’s happening on the road, crosswalks and sidewalks around you. And the smaller the child, the greater the chance that they’ll be hidden by other kids, a vehicle, or even a trash can or other small structure.

Use caution backing out of parking spaces, never use your cell phone in a school zone, and be sure that you have visibility on all sides of your vehicle.

Come back tomorrow for tips on driving safely near school buses, and for a advice on driving safely on rural school bus routes.

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