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Missouri Education Advocates: Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)


Name: The Missouri Council for Exceptional Children

About the International Organization: The Council for Exceptional Children is a premier education organization, internationally renowned for its expertise and leadership, working collaboratively with strategic partners to ensure that children and you with exceptionalities are valued and full participating members of society. As a diverse and vibrant professional community, CEC is a trusted voice in shaping education practice and policy. (Source)

CEC is a professional membership organization for gifted and special education professionals. The organization is international with a local chapter here in Missouri.

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Mission of the Missouri CEC: The purpose of the Missouri Council for Exceptional Children is to advance the education of individuals with exceptionalities and to promote related educational, scientific, and charitable purposes.

President: Kim Turner


Social Media Sites:
International CEC on Twitter
International CEC on Facebook
International CEC on YouTube
International CEC on Pinterest
International CEC on LinkedIn

Legislation & Advocacy:
CEC works to improve public policy affecting children and youth with disabilities and gifts and talents, their parents, and the professionals who work with them, at all levels of government. You can learn more about CEC’s policy and advocacy work on this page of the international organization’s website.

The CEC “Policy Insider” is the organization’s weekly news digest that includes news — including policy and advocacy news — to readers.

To learn more about the specific causes that CEC’s members advocate for, check out the CEC’s “I’m An Advocate” YouTube Playlist.

This post is part of a running series called “Missouri Education Advocates,” which is designed to highlight the professional education organizations in Missouri that work on public education legislation and advocacy. These short and sweet features highlight basic information about some of Missouri’s leading education organizations.

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