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Celebrate the Arts in March

March is Youth Art Month, an annual observance of the value of art and art education for children and a time to encourage public support for quality school art programs.

In Missouri, Youth Art Month is celebrated with a student art exhibit in the Capitol Rotunda. Each participating art teacher is allowed to submit a limited number of student artworks for display, so if your child’s artwork has reached the Capitol, you and your child should be incredibly proud.

Six state-level Youth Art Month awards are given each year. Those awards are: The Governor's Choice Award, The Governor's Mansion Award, a lower elementary division award, an upper elementary division award, a middle school award, and a high school award.

Finally, each year, Youth Art Month includes a national Youth Art Month Flag competition. Sargent Art sponsors the winner of the flag award (along with their art teacher and a guest/parent) on a trip to New York City.

Why Celebrate the Arts?

The Arts Prepare Students for School, Work, and Life
In a 21st Century global economy, the arts equip students with a creative, competitive edge. A comprehensive arts education fosters the creativity and innovation needed for a more competitive workforce.

The Arts Strengthen the Learning Environment
A study by the Arts Education Partnership found that schools with large populations of students in economic poverty can be transformed into vibrant hubs of learning when the arts are infused into their culture and curriculum.

Additionally, studies have found that 8th graders from under-resourced environments who are highly involved in the arts have better grades, are less likely to drop out by 10th grade, have more positive attitudes about school, and are more likely to go on to college.

The Arts Can Attract and Retain Teachers Who Love to Teach
Having the arts in schools has been found to improve teacher morale, satisfaction, and attendance by fostering havens for creativity and innovation; places where students want to learn and teachers want to teach. The arts can help retain educators.


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