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5 Pieces of Missouri Educational Jargon Explained, Part I

2013 has brought with it a flurry of activity around educational reform. Because so many different educational initiatives have been in the news recently, we thought it might be helpful to quickly decode five of the most common pieces of educational jargon in the state of Missouri.

In this two-part post, we’ll give easy-to-understand explanations of Show-Me Standards, Common Core Standards, Missouri Learning Standards, Model Curriculum, and the Missouri School Improvement Program.

Show-Me Standards
The Show-Me Standards were established in 1993 by the Outstanding Schools Act, and were approved by the Missouri State Board of Education in 1996. They are still in effect today.

The Show-Me Standards emphasize factual knowledge and functional skills in traditional subjects including reading, writing, mathematics, world and American history, forms of government, geography, science, health/physical education, and the fine arts.

Common Core State Standards
Common Core State Standards are a national movement, but aren’t lead by the federal government. A group of independent educational leaders developed the standards as a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn at each grade level so that parents and teachers know what they need to do to help students.

Each state chooses whether to adopt Common Core State Standards (so far, Missouri is among 45 states that have adopted the Common Core). Common Core is designed to ensure that all students, no matter what school they attend or what state they go to school in, are ready for college and career.

MOParent has written two previous blog posts that may help explain Common Core: How Does Common Core Affect Your Kids? There’s an App for That and Common Core Standards: Not a Federal Initiative.

Come back tomorrow for easy-to-understand explanations of the Missouri Learning Standards, Model Curriculum, and the Missouri School Improvement Plan (MSIP5).

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