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5 Back-To-School Money Savings Tips

Back-to-School can be exciting for kids and parents, but it can also leave the pocketbook a little sore. Today on MOParent, we’ve got a few tips for you on how to save on Back-to-School shopping.

1. Budget
Back-to-School shopping is a great time to teach your older kids about budgeting. Set back-to-school budgets for each category of costs; clothes, shoes, supplies, and share those budgets with your kids. Shop together with you kids and help them understand how their choices impact their shopping budgets.

For extra incentive, offer a special treat or a “bonus” for spending under-budget on school costs. This is a good way to inspire kids to reuse items that don’t absolutely need to be replaced annually.

2. Buy In Bulk
Consider going in together with another family or two to buy generic school supplies (number 2 pencils, notebook paper, tissues, etc.) in bulk from stores like Costco or Sam’s.

3. Everything’s a Dollar
Discount stores where everything costs $1 often carry basics like crayons, pencils, and folders. Brand names and fancy designs are fun, but not necessary. Shopping at less expensive stores will help your back-to-school budget stretch further.

4. Stick to the List
Sticking to the list of school supplies published by your child’s school is a good way to save money on unnecessary items. And where clothes shopping goes, be sure you know the dress code at your child’s school; some of the clothes your son or daughter likes in the store may not be okay in the classroom.

5. Spread it Out
While it may not save your bottom line, spreading back-to-school purchases over a few different paychecks will ease the sting of school shopping costs. If possible, ask your child’s teacher (or a parent whose child had the same teacher the previous year) whether any supplies can be purchased later in the school year.

Back-to-school should be fun for your child, and hopefully these tips make shopping a little bit more fun for you, too. For more tips like these, sign up for MOParent email updates.

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